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Boka Aquarium is a new attraction of the Montenegrin coast

19th August 2020

That Boka has always been the “Bride of the Adriatic” is also shown by the new adaptation of the “MonteAqua” project, the Boka Aquarium.
The Adriatic, whose value is complemented by the diversity of flora and fauna, will be presented through this unique project with two units: a public aquarium and a rescue center for wild flora and fauna of the sea. This project, first of all, represents as its task several goals that need to be realized.
They are :

Strengthening public awareness and public action;

Protection of aquatic species and habitats;

Advocating conservation solutions;

Serves as a role model

Getting people to act to protect marine species

The aquarium builds public awareness and works to protect the species and habitats of the Adriatic Sea, and also actively contributes to various conservation solutions and serves as a model. The establishment of the Center is especially important from the aspect of opening opportunities for closer cooperation between science and economic entities, especially those engaged in fishing, as well as aquaculture, fish and seafood production. The rescue center is developing capacities in Montenegro for rescuing endangered marine species. The Center as a whole strengthens the position of Montenegro in terms of regional and international scientific cooperation in the field of conservation of biological resources of aquatic ecosystems. And most importantly, the aquarium encourages people to act in the protection of marine species.

However, the fact that everything is not always simple and easy is shown by the example of the newly emerging epidemiological situation, which made full realization difficult.
“The situation with the Covid-19 virus has proven to be very complex and complicated, and we all need to get used to the new way of thinking and working that is conditioned by the appearance of this virus. The Institute of Biology will have to make an effort to, if the installation of aquarium elements is performed during the summer, finalize and open the first aquarium in Montenegro, in September 2020, “said Dr. Djurovic.
Let us remind you, the Aquarium is located in the Radonicic Palace, which is under the protection of cultural monuments of Montenegro. As Dr. Đurović stated earlier, this is an area of ​​300 m2, which the Institute of Marine Biology, after 30 years of non-use due to the poor condition and dilapidation of the installations, breathed new life into.

In the Aquarium, in three interconnected rooms, the marine flora and fauna of the Mediterranean, the Adriatic and the Bay of Kotor will be presented. A touch tank will be available in the third room dedicated to the Bay of Kotor, where the youngest visitors will be able to touch the water and feel the proximity of organisms in the pool and learn more about the flora and fauna of Boka.
The future Aquarium will also allow scientists at the Institute to perform various scientific experiments “in vivo”, to monitor everything that is very difficult to monitor in the natural environment, such as the growth and development of organisms and interactions between species, reports BokaNews.

The Boka Aquarium is financed mostly from a donation from the Kingdom of Norway through the MONTEAQUA project, which ends in June 2020. Additional funds were provided thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, JP Morsko dobro and the University of Montenegro.

The Center for Marine Biodiversity Conservation “Boka Aquarium” provides several services, grouped into three main groups of services:
Aquarium scientists advise seafood companies on methods to improve the sustainability of commercial fisheries and trade.
The aquarium hosts various research programs on the Adriatic wild flora and fauna.
The aquarium cooperates with partners around the world in the protection of ocean ecosystems and the establishment of protected areas of the sea.
The Center for the Conservation of Marine Biodiversity “Boka Aquarium” shows the diversity and importance of marine wildlife with special emphasis on the Adriatic Sea.
Aquarium pools inspire visitors with the beauty and complexity of the marine ecosystem through the replication of different marine habitats.
Aquarium educators lead a national initiative on climate change and inspire future protectors of the Adriatic Sea with practical programs, mainly summer camps for marine biology students, such as the “Discovering the Bay of Kotor” camp.
The Wildlife Rescue Center conducts national and regional efforts to rehabilitate and re-endanger endangered species.
Rescue center rescues endangered marine species
Cultivation and release programs for species that are otherwise endangered or extinct in the wild.

Source : www.aquariumboka.ucg.ac.me



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