Covid-19 update

7th June 2021

Now that the numbers of Covid-19 infected people have been substantially reduced and over 22% of adult population in Montenegro received their first dose of coronavirus vaccines, the measures have, once again, been relaxed.

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economic Development announced that the health protocols for the upcoming tourist season in Montenegro have been finalized and distributed to tourism sector and all other interested parties. You may access the document both in English and in local language.

The Government has decided that the State would cover all Covid-19 treatment expenses for those tourists who get infected with Covid-19 during their stay in Montenegro and need to be hospitalized.

In addition to that, any tourist in Montenegro who needs to submit PCR test results before returning to their home country, will be tested free of charge at state-run or private laboratories in Montenegro.

All hoteliers will also allocate 10% of their accommodation capacity for possible cases of Covid-19.

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