From 1st of September, flights from Russia and Serbia to Montenegro

17th August 2020

That Montenegro is once again showing its readiness for challenges is shown by the recent news that Aeroflot flights from Russia have been approved, as well as the Air-Nish line Nis-Tivat.

Lately, the media have been announcing the end of the tourist season, emphasizing that Montenegro has not provided economic stability and sustainability of the tourist season. However, Montenegro testifies to the opposite.

The director of the Airport of Montenegro, Danilo Orlandić, said that on this day they have announcements that the Russian Aeroflot will start flights to Montenegro on the first of September.

Orlandic also announced that yesterday, for the first time since the suspension of air traffic, they had more than 4,000 passengers at both Montenegrin airports, which, as he said, is a very good figure.

He said that they are in daily contact with partner companies, which, he says, are ready to fly to Montenegro again.

“On this day, we have announcements that Aeroflot will start flying to Montenegro from first  of September I believe that will be the case “, said Orlandić.

Yesterday, he says, they had very good information that is encouraging.

He also announced that they had agreed on the Nis-Tivat line with friends from Air Serbia.

“The key line for Aerodromes and the Montenegrin economy is the line to Belgrade. From August 19, we will have eight flights from Tivat and Podgorica to Belgrade. We have agreed with friends from Air Serbia that the Nis-Tivat line will start on August 23. These are lines from the region that mean a lot to us “, said Orlandić.

He believes that this will start the process of recovery of the Montenegrin economy.

“We have a significant number of flights from both airports. From Tivat, it is mainly Great Britain, Ukraine and Belarus, and from Podgorica, lines to Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Austria and the Republic of Ireland “, Orlandić pointed out.

If we keep the epidemiological situation under control, he believes the number of passengers will be higher.

Speaking about the consequences of the corona crisis, he said that the Airports of Montenegro, despite being one of the most successful companies, suffered huge losses.

“Today we have a little more than 300,000 passengers, and last year at this time there were 1.6 million. “I believe that from the moment the emitting markets open, our economy will be able to recover,” he said.

The director of the Montenegrin Tourist Association, Zarko Radulovic, claims that the arrival of Russian tourists is still expected, emphasizing that a number have already arrived by air via Istanbul, and that interest is growing and reservations are increasing day by day, Pobjeda writes.

“The information that the Russian national airline Aeroflot canceled regular traffic on its routes from Moscow to Tivat is incorrect and was placed from incompetent sources.

I think that in the fast days, those who are happy that the flights from Russia to Montenegro have been canceled will be very disappointed “, said Radulović.

He emphasizes that the interest of Russian tourists in Montenegro is great and that they are now traveling through Istanbul.

“Generally, they started coming, there are them in the Splendid Hotel and in the whole of Montenegro, but it is difficult now to estimate the number of people working,” said Radulović, adding that organized arrivals are still expected.

“If Russian tourists leave, there will be a significant recovery not only for tourism but for the entire economy of Montenegro, because that is the law of merged courts,” claims Radulović, RTCG reports.

“If we are disciplined in these measures related to coronavirus and if we save ourselves, not to color and have fewer infected, it may happen that the Russians will come to us by the end of the year,” said Radulovic, emphasizing that if the disease increases, he will leave. and the Russians and everyone else.

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