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Montenegrin hoteliers know how to fill hotels to the last capacity

24th August 2020

The positive impact of opening the borders was among the first to be felt by the hoteliers of the city of Budva. That most tourists eagerly awaited the opening of the borders to visit one of the most


Montenegro expects the peak of the 2020 tourist season in September

22nd August 2020

As around the world, so in our country, the period of the tourist season remained indefinite in 2020. The new circumstances, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, have conditioned a new type of comm


Boka Aquarium is a new attraction of the Montenegrin coast

19th August 2020

That Boka has always been the "Bride of the Adriatic" is also shown by the new adaptation of the "MonteAqua" project, the Boka Aquarium. The Adriatic, whose value is complemented by t


The bridge that connects the sides of the Bay of Kotor

18th August 2020

The need and desire to bridge the Bay of Kotor is more than fifty years old. Several generations of engineers and politicians have tried to make this idea a reality. Road traffic and the Adriatic Hig


From 1st of September, flights from Russia and Serbia to Montenegro

17th August 2020

That Montenegro is once again showing its readiness for challenges is shown by the recent news that Aeroflot flights from Russia have been approved, as well as the Air-Nish line Nis-Tivat.


A combination of nature, culture and history, travel guide of Montenegro

14th August 2020

Matthias Koeffler and his wife Marija, journalists of the most famous German publishing house "Reise Know How", testify that Montenegro is one of the most interesting countries in the Balkans, which


Montenegro Beaches app, one click will take you to your favorite beach

13th August 2020

And if because of the new situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the media are spreading news of not so positive content, but Montenegro is still doing its best to offer citizens and tourists someth


How to sell a good property in Montenegro?

26th November 2019

How to sell a property in Montenegro? What is involved in getting the property sold quickly and at desired price? The sale process certainly is not an easy one and can often be confusing for the owne


New Montenegro article from The Times

12th July 2019

The Times have published the new article on Montenegro. You can read the full text below. The Egyptian developer Samih Sawiris has big dreams — and deep pockets. He builds towns in places tha


Can foreigners buy property in Montenegro?

10th June 2019

There are no legal restrictions on foreigners buying property in Montenegro, in fact, they receive equal legal treatment as local buyers. There are certain limitations, such as having to purchase lan



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