Montenegro records €1bn income from Tourism in 2018

27th December 2018

Montenegro records €1bn income from Tourism as reported by the Minister of Tourism and Sustainable Development, Mr Pavle Radulovic.

Minister Radulovic congratulated the Government and the business organizations on a record breaking €1bn income from Tourism in 2018. He stated that this year has been a record breaking for the number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays too.

Amazing result is the fact that for the first time in history, over 1 milion tourist stayed in hotels. In the first 10 months of the year,  the number of overnight stays recorded is over 4 milion. That is around 175,000 overnight stays more than in the whole of 2017, Mr Radulovic said.

Mr Radulovic expects the number of overnight stays in the hotels to exceed the 2016 numbers by 700,000,which will present a growth of around 20%.

These achievements are very impressive for a country with population of just over 600,000. The Government of Montenegro is certainly on the right track with a view of continuous tourism growth. After heavily investing into infrastructure, the last year’s NATO MEMBERSHIP and introduction of a number of low cost flights to Montenegro airports, has certainly assisted with this year’s results.

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