Apartment under construction in Tivat

  • One bedroom 47 sq m in size
  • Great Offer
  • Excellent location
  • Private garden and pool

Property Description

Real estate in Tivat, Montenegro, for sale. The property is conceptualized in a Mediterranean stlyle and is currently in construction phase. The construction started in January 2019. The project is located 700 meters away from Porto Montenegr

o and 500 meters from the Tivat centre. The building consists of studio apartments (28 sqm) one bedroom apartments (46 sqm) and a penthouse of 152 sqm, spread over 3 levels. There is a pool in the garden as well.  


Rental information

  • 5 minutes from Porto Montenegro
  • The building has a swimming pool
  • ROI 7%

Tivat Montenegro

Tivat Riviera presents one of the most up and coming areas of Montenegro. Located in the Boka Bay, the Unesco World Heritage Site, Tivat offers it all, from stunning natural beaty, large number of beaches, stunning islands to the beatiful and undeveloped Lustica peninsula and to top it all off, an international airport within minutes drive away.A home to bilions of planned investments, Tivat has been put on an international map by the massive sucess of the Luxury marina development – Porto Montenegro. But that is not all, Orascom Development Holding are completing the first phase of their €1.2 bn investment called Lustica Bay, one of the largest investments currently taking place in Europe.Property prices in this area generally range from around €100,000 for a one bedroom apartment up to a few milion for a luxury villa or an apartment in one of the major marina developments.


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