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The bridge that connects the sides of the Bay of Kotor

18th August 2020

The need and desire to bridge the Bay of Kotor is more than fifty years old. Several generations of engineers and politicians have tried to make this idea a reality. Road traffic and the Adriatic Highway enable modern, continuous and economical traffic for passengers and goods, gravitating regions and for the needs of tourism.

A major natural obstacle on the route of the Adriatic Highway is the Bay of Kotor, which extends the journey from Herceg Novi to Budva further south by 40 km.

The “Verige” bridge over the Bay of Kotor is an integral part of the fast road along the Montenegrin coast

The construction of the Verige bridge with a bypass around Tivat will be offered to the investor who will get the job at an international public tender in compliance with the law on public procurement, the Government decided.

As CDM finds out, serious international investors are interested in this project, and among them are Azerbaijanis and Chinese. The project is estimated to be worth about 150m euros.

The Minister of Transport, Osman Nurković, explained that it is not possible to directly sign a contract with an investor, but EU directives and transparency of the procedure must be respected.

“We have formed a team that will deal with finding money to finance the project, because the state does not have its own money. There is great interest from investors who are ready to invest. This bridge is needed for economic development, tourism development and citizens’ lives. Preliminary data show that “It would cost 155m euros, but the development of the main project will show the exact figure. If we could find an investor, we would suggest that Monteput be the contractor,” Nurkovic said after the cabinet session.

Back in 1999, the Government, then it was Directorate for the Construction of Highways in Montenegro, announced an international competition for the selection of the location and conceptual design of the crossing over the Bay of Kotor, where the first place went to the engineering bureau POINTING from Maribor. Later, the preparation of the Main Project and the Contractor’s Project, which was completed in 2003, was entrusted to the company GRADIS NG, also from Maribor. During 2009, the Study of the Visual Impact of the Verige Bridge on the UNESCO Natural and Cultural-Historical Region of Kotor was completed, which aimed to visualize and assess from an independent position the Verige Bridge and connecting traffic facilities in the Verige Strait planned at a distance of approximately 2.5 km from the protected natural and cultural region of Kotor – claim the Ministry.

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