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14th August 2020

Matthias Koeffler and his wife Marija, journalists of the most famous German publishing house “Reise Know How”, testify that Montenegro is one of the most interesting countries in the Balkans, which attracts more and more people with its natural beauties. The couple, who wrote a guide to Croatia, went through seven editions. They found inspiration for the next guide in Montenegro. They are fascinated by what they saw and experienced in Montenegro last week.
“We started the tour in the southern part of Montenegro. We visited first Bar and Ulcinj, and then Cetinje and Podgorica. After the first impressions, we can say that we liked your country very much, that it has a huge potential for development and that it can be very interesting to the German tourist market. There are a lot of things that I would have to improve on, but the general impression is very good. The train route, organized by Michael Bader, from Bar to Kolašin, was especially attractive to us, and I am sure that the trip would be very interesting for the Germans. It is, in fact, a double journey – a journey into the past, experiences of nature, and at the same time, for me it was a return to military and youth days, overall, an indescribable impression “, said Matthias Koeffler, who pointed out that with the help of a guide visited all attractive places, as well as museums in Cetinje that preserve the thousand-year history of Montenegro.
“The potentials that should be developed are the old towns, national parks, with the organization of bicycle routes and connecting with nature,” said Koeffler, who, given that he is the author of a tourist guide for Croatia, compared the offer of the two countries.
“Montenegro has great potential, not only in the beaches and the coastal part, but in the hinterland, with fantastic nature, greenery, lakes, which is not the case with Croatia, which is mostly rocky in that part. The advantage of Croatia, it seems to me, is that it is better organized in tourism. They have plans, goals and in that sense a more complete story. We should think and act more in a planned way in Montenegro, through spatial plans and strategies “, the German writer believes.
His wife Marija, who helps him make the guide, points out that she is impressed by Montenegro as a country of “deep valleys, black mountains and beautiful beaches”.
“I’m sure,” she said, “when the Germans would see the beautiful Adriatic beach, near Ada Bojana, they would rush there right away.”
“It is an extremely beautiful, spacious, sandy beach, which the Germans love very much. Cleanliness is very important, and the beaches we have seen so far have been tidy, which I like. We have been traveling, with our daughter on a regular basis for fifteen years, working on tourist guides, and this time our daughter is not with us. However, when she saw the photos from Montenegro, she was thrilled. She told us that she was extremely sorry that she was not here and that the first destination she would visit as a tourist would be Montenegro “, said Marija.
“The guides we make are different from others, because we present one country and its offer in a comprehensive way, focusing, in addition to beaches and entertainment, on nature, history and culture. Yesterday we visited Njegoš’s mausoleum in Lovćen. This is something magnificent, even if we exclude the artistic aspect of Meštrović’s work and only focus our attention on the fantastic view, which enables us to see sixty percent of Montenegro from that position. I don’t know where it is. We combine nature, culture and history. It’s something special. I have already done my own blog on the FB page and the reactions of people from Germany are great, with a slight surprise how we arrived, because of the virus “, said Marija Koeffler, who explained that the initial incentive for, as she stated,” their adventure “is Montenegro was a documentary-promotional film made by the German television SAT1 in our country, with the mediation of “Bar German” Michael Bader.
The film, which shows the attractions and unique offer of Montenegro, has so far been seen by over two million viewers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and one of its segments is the ride of the German team by train on the route Bar-Bijelo Polje, for which the hardened bar was in charge. train driver Zoran Boskovic. And this time he hosted guests from Germany. He points out that the route from Bar to Kolašin is one of the most beautiful in Montenegro, because it offers a view of the sea coast through Sutomore, Skadar Lake, the mountainous part, the Bridge over the Mala River, nature, whose charm, he said, is better recognized by foreigners than us. themselves.

  • The railway itself is so attractive that in fact it no longer exists anywhere in Europe – says Zoran.
    Michael Bader, who is the initiator of a series of ideas and projects that should contribute to the tourist affirmation of Montenegro, primarily in Germany, points out that the emphasis this time is placed on the route Bar-Kolašin, because, as he said, this section is the pearl of Montenegro. still insufficiently discovered.
    “It should be promoted much more, because what you can experience in this realization is a top atmosphere. We even had the opportunity to visit the bridge on Mala Rijeka, which
  • is the deepest railway bridge in Europe. So one real attraction – says Michelle Bader.
  • The tourist guide about Montenegro in German will have 300 pages and will be available in all bookstores, publishing houses, tourist offices and fairs in all German-speaking countries.
  • Good hosts for guests from Germany were the Tourist Organizations of Bar and Cetinje, the National Tourist Organization, the Association of Roots, as well as the Bar Cultural Center and the Skadar Lake National Park.

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